Unbiased Variety Performance Tests Under Arkansas Conditions

Choosing which varieties to plant is a cornerstone of all crop production systems. The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture’s Variety Testing Program provides unbiased information about the adaptability and performance of varieties in Arkansas’ diverse environments, thereby allowing producers to make informed decisions. The Division of Agriculture is uniquely positioned in terms of expertise, infrastructure and credibility to accomplish this objective.

The Variety Testing Program conducts replicated field trials at multiple locations representing the major production regions in Arkansas each year. In addition to yield, and depending on the crop and specific test, other information that may be reported includes reaction to pests (diseases and insects), and other agronomic characteristics such as crop quality, date of maturity and lodging and shattering resistance.

For additional information about crop production, please visit your county Extension Service office or the Cooperative Extension Service web site at http://www.uaex.edu.

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